Power Automate

Increase productivity, automate your business.

What is it?

Power Automate is a solution that allows you to simplify repetitive tasks and automate business processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Quickly and securely, teams can process forms through document automation, approve processes, or use pre-created templates.

Available wherever and whenever you want

With Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), you can create automatic data flows between applications. The service offers various connectors with various web applications used in a business context, such as Outlook, SharePoint, Excel, LinkedIn, Skype, among others.

The launch of Power Automate has been highly recognized by companies within the Microsoft network, considering all the factors that lead to requesting the implementation of numerous processes.

What practical solutions does Power Automate bring to your business?

Don't postpone it any longer.

Replace manual tasks with automated workflows. Save time for your teams so they can focus on what really matters!