Power BI

Turn data into opportunities

What is it?

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service that provides information to enable quick and informed decisions.

Power BI reports and dashboards provide a 360-degree view of your business, featuring key metrics in one place, updated in real-time, and accessible on all devices.

With one click, users can explore the available data using intuitive tools to find answers easily.

Benefits of Power BI

Easy implementation

Due to its accessible system, Power BI can be used almost instantly after deciding to implement the tool in your company.


In addition to being compatible with different mobile devices and operating systems (Windows, iOS, and Android), Power BI's accessibility and navigation are fully adaptable. Authorized users can perform data analysis anywhere, in real time.

360-degree vision

Did you know that Power BI is capable of operating in different departments? Finance, sales, marketing, human resources, among others, adapting to your goals and needs.

By aggregating data analysis from each sector, it is possible to obtain a comprehensive overview of your business, either in a single report or in specific dashboards.

Real-time information

As the topic itself states, monitoring of the data analyzed by Power BI is carried out in real-time. Thus, even though the information is constantly changing, the data is updated along with its alterations.


The software features a dedicated space for the Power BI user community in each region. The group is dedicated to sharing experiences, knowledge, and platform updates.

Microsoft Support

Microsoft provides full support to Power BI users through chat or phone at no extra cost.

A world of possibilities

Don’t postpone it any longer. Start using Power BI applications now and automatically create dashboards and reports from your online data. Get in touch with us and see how this tool can boost your business’s success.